Capular is a capsule shaped modular furniture that can be used in multiple orientations. It gets its etymology from two words – “Capsule” & “Modular. It showcases creating modular furniture using a singular base unit. A single unit can be used as a low height seat or alternatively as a planter. When two modules are stacked, it serves as a regular height seat. When three modules are stacked together, it serves as a table. The seating is designed with a notch on top and the gap is given a skirting so that it can recess and stack on the top.

Concrete is an enduring, durable & maintenance free material for every weather condition. Concrete aggregates, sand and cement are used in 1:1:1 proportion along with ferrous reinforcement mesh and bars inside. The modules are designed for spaces such as cafeterias, outdoor restaurants, parks, office campuses, etc. The seating panel has many options such as chill pine wood, Kota stone, marble and granite can be customized as per space & budget