Kindle is a clock concept that symbolizes time through the most fundamental unit of measurement – LIGHT. It does not use consecutive numbers but utilizes the rhythmic movements of light to represent time. The thicker head of the light swoosh indicates the current time and the swoosh denotes swiftness of time. The mechanism can be programmed using the arduino technology. Corian as a material is the perfect medium to synthesize this idea. Corian with its translucency and ability to be shaped or formed is ideal for Kindle’s base.

In our daily lives, we’re always rushed and busy, trying to get all of our work done on time. When we look at a clock, we see consecutive numbers that reminds us of the impending deadlines. Our pedestrian lives are exhibited in the regular clocks – repetitive days usually dictated by our need for order, control and stability. Kindle is an idea to awaken and inspire ourselves amidst our busy and monotonous schedules. It stimulates us to lead fulfilling lives with coupled with calmness and leisure.