Morph is versatile knock-down furniture that can be used as a floor seat, a chair and a swing. The versatility is a critical feature of the furniture here as it can be morphed easily based on the user’s requirement & mood of the space. The form is inspired by enclosed flower petals that lend a warm touch and a cosy association with user.

The inside structure has been built in aluminium in two separate parts and has been upholstered on the outside with ombre dyed felt fabric. The nut & bolt joint at the junction of the two parts allows for hanging the seat safely from top and can comfortably be used as a swing seat. The swing seat caters as a fun, joyful seat adds exuberance to the environment. A wooden member has been added to the base at the sides and can be transformed into a floor seat. The floor seat is relaxing and calming furniture which adds a tranquil to the place. To this form, legs can also be attached to the base and the form becomes a modern cushion chair. Since the furniture is completely knock-down, the three forms can be used alternatively whenever required.