Indian consumers have always been fascinated with wood and wooden furniture as it provides a sense of luxury and timelessness to the space. It makes them nostalgic to wooden products as many have grown up around such products. Having wooden furniture provides a balance of warmth, affection and elegance, luxury.

Oreka means “balance” in Basque language. The purpose was to design a plush, ergonomic and knock-down wooden sofa that provides a balance between wood and upholstery. The balance aspect is something which came out strongly in primary market research and personal interviews with many urban couples.

Oreka strives to strike the balance between wood and upholstery, between warmth and luxury, between affection and elegance. It is targeted towards urban couples aged 30-45 years with high disposable income and living in spacious apartments. It brings in a nostalgia as many consumers associate the plush sofa with power, elegance and influence. But, it also adds elegance and warmth by balancing the plush upholstery with wood and makes it a transitional, contemporary furniture imbibing a sense of Indian culture and aesthetics.