Playscape is a bamboo structure built for kids to be used as a recreational structure outdoors. The idea behind “Playscape” is to provide a natural setting for kids to play outdoors. The structure is in the form of an elephant, providing an emphasis of natural eco-system and embodies the fun & frolic nature of the animal.  It is designed so that kids are always safe and it adds a warm feeling to the whole playground.

The structure is completely made of bamboos which lends to its strength and eco-friendliness. It is different from the traditional iron-based sliders and it blends perfectly with the gardening landscape.  Playscape supports multiple activities and makes for an interactive and engaging recreation product for children. The trunk part can be used as a slider whereas the body part can be used as a climber & a hanger and the lower part consists of a springboard for jumping activities. The product is designed such that it can accommodate 5-6 kids at a time.